SI Club of Dnepropetrovsk , the second in Ukraine after the one in Kyiv, developed and fulfilled many social, educative and cultural projects. All the projects were focused on the groups of people disabled on the physical or mental handicaps and on women health. Today the Club has activities in the following directions:

Help to the elderly retired lonely women from Str Acad.Lazaryana started in 1999. We supply them with medicines, newspapers, gifts, shopping for their needs.

All our following projects may be united by one name: HOPE because they really give Hope to different groups of adults and children.

Help to mentally disabled adults and children in one of the regional Medical Center. HOPE-I
Project named HOPE started in 2001 was supported with European Clubs of Delft (NL), Ringsted (Denmark), Region- 2 (twelve SI Clubs of Denmark ), SI Union of Belgium.

In proceeding of the Project the sanitary room was completely repaired beginning of moving all walls and finishing with the brand new equipment including the heat-boiler.

The next step was the Project of art-therapy for patients. With the help of the arrt-therapy , particularly painting, psychological and medical treatment appeared to be more effective. Their house became really the institute of the patients themselves, as they painted the walls with their own paintings, colored the furniture and mounted a semi permanent exhibition of their products of art. Later the exhibition of some works were organized by Soroptimist Club of Dnepropetrovsk in the citizen Art Museum.

The publications about the last Project appeared in multimedia. Five articles were published in the local magazine С Business timeТ. Two local TV channels spotlighted the events. Film (in English), leaflets (English, Russian) were developed by Club members and distributed.


Information Project spotlighting the breast cancer problem. Hope-II.

This project named HOPE-II or 'CRANE' (Zhuravushka) which started in 2003 had the goal to inform and prevent Ukrainian women of breast cancer problem. In 2005 for the first time Ukrainian methodical seminar for women-volunteers who survived surgery operation themselves took place in Dnepropetrovsk. Its carrying out became possible due to joint efforts of the Dnepropetrovsk rRgional oncologic clinic, club Dnepropetrovsk SI Club and regional women organization "Crane". Representatives of thirteen cities of Ukraine, highly skilled doctors - oncologists and psychotherapists and members of the club SI Club Dnepropetrovsk were engaged.

On the base of the conference SI Club of Dnepropetrovsk produced the film and spread it among European SI Clubs and SI Club of Talbot (MD, USA) . Leaflets with pictures and doctors' advices how to prevent women were published and distributed in the different places where women worked . Here we must say that not many people had the Internet access at that time and such leaflets were really demanded. . This project also could be done due to the contribution and information given by the Friendship Links' Clubs.

SI Club of Dnepropetrovsk several times won the Grants for its activities and projects from the Action Fund of Soroptimist International of Europe ; from SI Unions and Clubs of Western Europe.

Action project 'Give the CHILD a Chance' from 2007. HOPE- III.

The next Project which started in 2006 and still lasts is the help to children of the citizen orphanage specialized for children with mental and physical handicaps.

"Soroptimists go for Water" has been chosen as the theme for the European Congress in 2009. As 2005-2015 is the UN Decade of Fresh Water and Basic Sanitation, Soroptimist International of Europe actively contributed to the UN Millenium Development Goals.

The website kept Club's posts on the Project 'Clean Water to Children'.

Clean water for children

In Ukraine there are many problems connected with clean water supply. The standards our country still use for cleaning water are very old. They donТt correspond with the modern standards used in many European countries.

The objection of the project.
The children in the orphanage we take care of (about 90 persons) have physical deceases, so clean water is of great importance for them. It can diminish the number of additional illnesses they can have.
Our goal was to give children knowledge about clean water importance. We helped to teach them elementary things, for example, to clean teeth and hands before eating. Club also made it possible for orphans to use clean water for drinking and meal preparation buy buying and establishing modern multi-stage filters.

Due to the financial support of the SI Clubs of Delft (the Netherlands), Taunus (Germany), Ringsted (Denmark), Wien Vivata (Austria),Talbot Co(Maryland, the USA) the project was nominated to the Best Public Award among seven other nominees and won the prize at the Water Congress in Amsterdam in July 2009.

Today due to the Club's activity the sanitary rooms for children of the orphanage are repaired, the cozy play room was arranged. Regular concerts performed by students of the citizen universities bright the life of orphans.

Recently the children of the elementary group had a chance to try themselves as actors playing roles in the folklore tail Repka. Costumes and the performance were organized by Dnepropetrovsk Soroptimists and their friends. The link to this touching performance is:



Children Theatre

Since September, 2015 SI Club of Dnepropetrovsk (or just Dnepr, as it is named today) open activities in a new direction It is creating the Children Theatre in the orphanage. During last two years the young troupe of children -actors participated in several performances. Most of them were based on Ukrainian fairy tales
Fairy tale "Turnip" tells that in team people may reach more than acting alone

Fairy tale "The wolf and the seven Young goats" is a well known national fairy tale in many countries. Children Theater also included it in their repertoire
Fairy tale "Fly-Rustling Wings" is a well known poem . Background and decoration of the scene and hall were coloured by autumn fair fruit.

We also invite you to see the new play of the orphanage children "Kolobok". It was organized in 2016. Thank all the SI Clubs who gave us opportunity to continue this so important to the children project

Very brief content:
The story is based on the Russian fairy tale “Kolobok” (Kolobok is a baked roll).
The tale was a bit modernized.
In a very poor family where even the mouse could not find anything to eat, the parents were thinking about the New Year celebration.
For the New Year dinner the mother of the family baked only one Kolobok as she had no other food. But Kolobok was a clever one. He went to the forest, had met different animals and invited all of them to his home. They came with presents. So all the children in the family had nice New Year party.

New activities : Swimming

This is the next stage of the Project " Hope. Child Give a Chance ". Three boys of the orphanage for handicapped children our Club takes care of attend the swimming pool 2-3 times a week. Our members, firstly Natasha Pisarenko, carries them from and to orphanage. All boys are happy , they really reach a good success.

Outdoor picnics

In frames of the Project "Hope. Give Child a Chance" in June SI Club of Dnepropetrovsk during two years organized picnics for more than 70 children of the orphanage.
Almost all Club members were engaged in this project.
Students of the State university also were involved. They prepared beautiful gifts for every child.